Celente: Globalists Are Going To Collapse World Economy

Published on Jun 28, 2016

Gerald Celente gives Infowars his dire predictions for the world economy after the globalists were shocked by Brexit.

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The United Nation’s Quiet Invasion Of The U S A

Published on Jun 29, 2016

Something wicked this way comes. The elites have been backed into a corner by the Brexit and the potential downfall of the EU. Populism is sweeping the globe. While a still unseen event between the globalist's arrogant and criminal one sided policies against the law abiding freedom of the average American is reaching a breaking point.

In an opinion piece posted today on the Wall Street Journal, former Secretary of State, war criminal and New World Order cheerleader Henry Kissinger put it bluntly to any of the elites listening “The multilateral approach based on open borders for trade and the movement of peoples is increasingly being challenged, and now an act of direct democracy intended to reaffirm the status quo has rendered a damning verdict. However challenging this expression of popular sentiment, ignoring the concerns it manifests is a path to greater disillusionment.The Brexit vote has unleashed the anxieties of two continents and of all those who rely upon the stability that their union of purpose provides. The needed restoration of faith will not come through recriminations. To inspire the confidence of the world, Europe and America must demonstrate confidence in themselves."

As far as Confidence in Congress and The Executive branch goes, the average American has been fed up for years. And the elites Mr. Kissinger would pander to are completely clueless. Paul Joseph Watson writes "Council on Foreign Relations member James Traub argues that the elite need to “rise up” against the “mindlessly angry” ignorant masses in order to prevent globalization from being derailed by the populist revolt that led to Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump.

Traub’s tone is so contemptuous, he even describes the pro-Trump Republican base as “know nothing” voters and sneers at voters in Poland for being concerned about “values and tradition,” while stressing that the push for further globalization will pit “poor and non-white and marginal citizens” against “working-class and middle-class whites,” whom he describes as angry “fist-shakers”.

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Famed Economist, Joseph Meyer, Predicts Economic Collapse Following the Brexit Vote

Published on Jun 27, 2016
Noteworthy economist Joseph Meyer believes that the Brexit vote will send shockwaves through the U.S. Economy.

The Common Sense Show : Steve Quayle: A World In Crisis

As Mark Twain enjoyed pointing out that “history may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme”. This statement has never been more true than it is today with the mainstream resurgence of the ideas of Adolph Hitler.

The Civilized World Is Crumbling

The Brexit vote is just the beginning. Special guest, Steve Quayle joins and help the audience to understand the myriad of issues coming at the people at one time. Steve Quayle Saw All of This Coming. He is the author of a fascinating book that is sweeping the nation and the world. The book is entitled “Empire Beneath the Ice, How the Nazis won World War II. One might reasonably believe that the globalists will use the rise of Hitler’s ideas to give birth to a new form of fascism that will become the standard bearer of planetary unification. This is a fight between good and evil.

Published on Jun 27, 2016
The first and second hour of The Common Sense Show on June 26, 2016.

BREXIT Consequences World War 3

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the Consequences of BREXIT.

Huge BREXIT win marks global REVOLT against government tyranny

Published on Jun 24, 2016
The Health Ranger congratulates UK citizens for their massive BREXIT victory! A global REVOLT against bad government and tyranny has now been unleashed...

It's time that the citizens of the world threw off the shackles of parasitic bankers, criminal politicians and corrupt, lying state-run media.

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BREXIT SPECIAL REPORT: A Glimmer Of Hope For The World.

Published on Jun 24, 2016
Special Report: BREXIT.

Trading involves risk and you could lose your entire investment. You and you alone are responsible for your own investment decisions and any consequences thereof. Please invest wisely.

Dems Sit in on Gun control because they’re IDIOTS

Published on Jun 23, 2016

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Gun control 2016.
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The Supreme Court Just Created A Full Blown Police State – The End Of The USA Cannot Be Far Behind

Posted Jun 21, 2016 by Martin Armstrong


The Supreme Court ruling in Utah v Strieff awarded the police total freedom to stop any citizen, at any time, to do whatever they desire. The Supreme Court determined that the “poisonous fruit” of a police officer’s stop of a citizen can be used against them at trial. This has wiped out, in reality, any constitutional protection you thought you had. This is a sad day for the United States, for the Supreme Court has officially created a full-blown police state and clearly has no intention of honoring why this nation began the entire American Revolution — to prevent illegal searches that allowed the king to look for anything he could use to prosecute citizens.
The Supreme Court ruled that even though the officer had initially violated a person’s rights (in other words, the Constitution) the officer’s conduct was “at most negligent” and the result of “good-faith mistakes.” This language is a wink and nod to the police who only have to claim they made a mistake that was not intentional and they walk free. We have witnessed police outrageously murder citizens, but the police officers involved are usually not charged. Now, with this decision, the United States has become exactly as Ukraine stood before the people revolted.
A friend of mine from Ukraine came to the states before the last revolution. When they would see a police officer, they would tense up and try to avoid them at all costs. At home, the police were the criminals. They would shake you down, abuse you, and there was simply no rule of law. The Supreme Court, as of yesterday, has committed suicide.


In February 1761, James Otis, Jr. (1725–1783) argued brilliantly against the Writs of Assistance that was authorized in 1660 but became an instrument of tyranny in 1758 in the American colonies as a means to raise taxes. For nearly five hours, Otis made a brilliant oration in court against the Writs, but he lost the case, for what judge would ever rule against his master? John Adams later wrote that “the child independence was then and there born, [for] every man of an immense crowded audience appeared to me to go away as I did, ready to take arms against writs of assistance.” This spirit of resistance appears to rise roughly every 51.6 years, albeit at different intensity.
This very power to arbitrarily search anyone sparked the American Revolution. No taxation without representation followed, but the inspiration was the right to be free and the Supreme Court just took away. The police no longer have restraint. This is the final stage of how empires, nations, and city-states collapse when there is no rule of law. Once the state elevates itself above the people, the end is not far behind. The dissenting words of Justice Sonia Sotomayor reflect the dire state to which the United States has degenerated.


Scalia would have joined Justice Sotomayor on this one, and if he were still alive, he would have tipped the scale and protected our liberty. With Scalia gone, who was a strict constructionist, there is little hope left in the Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote, “Even if you are innocent, you will now join the 65 million Americans with an arrest record and experience the ‘civil death’ of discrimination by employers, landlords, and whoever else conducts a background check.” She concluded, and I must agree:
By legitimizing the conduct that produces this double consciousness, this case tells everyone, white and black, guilty and innocent, that an officer can verify your legal status at any time. It says that your body is subject to invasion while courts excuse the violation of your rights. It implies that you are not a citizen of a democracy but the subject of a carceral state, just waiting to be cataloged.
We must not pretend that the countless people who are routinely targeted by police are “isolated.” They are the canaries in the coal mine whose deaths, civil and literal, warn us that no one can breathe in this atmosphere. They are the ones who recognize that unlawful police stops corrode all our civil liberties and threaten all our lives. Until their voices matter too, our justice system will continue to be anything but.

BREXIT to Collapse Eurozone (WARNING!!)

Published on Jun 22, 2016
In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the Economic Collapse 2016.
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