Former US Army Colonel Warns ‘Danger Is Close’ And ‘Rogue Sleeper Cells May Be Being Activated’ As Democratic Party And Deep State ‘Enemies Of America Within’ Get Ready To Be Slammed With The ‘Release Of The Memo’

January 31st, 2018 By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

According to prominent Christian leader Franklin Graham,America is already in the throes of a ‘coup d’etat’ with very real attempts still being made to overthrow the government of President Donald Trump via the usage of the media to accomplish their goals. And while Graham believes that bullets may not be used in this attempted ‘overthrow’, all we need to do is look back to the administration of Barack Obama and his arming to the teeth of numerous federal agencies all across the nation and his stacking of the ‘deep state’ with corrupt political operatives who we’re now seeing exposed before our eyes. Where are all of those weapons and ammunition now?

Franklin Graham: ‘We Are In A Coup D’etat….They Are Using The Media’

With Graham warning on the Todd Starnes Radio Show “there are people in this country who are wanting to destroy the president and take over the government by force”, we get one such hint of such a diabolical plan in the first video below in which former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and former NSA and CIA Director General Michael Hayden recently joined Don Lemon on CNN Tonight and levied veiled threats and a shot across the bow at President Trump and his plans to ‘release the memo’.

And while Americans may soon get a massive dose of truth with that forthcoming ‘release of the memo with President Trump saying it’s forthcoming release is 100%’, we’ve long been extremely concerned here on ANP that if the ‘enemies of America within’ felt that they were soon to ‘face the music’, they’d launch their ‘final false flag’ to complete their long worked towards ‘take down of America’.

As we hear in the final 2 videos below from Colonel Roy Potter, all eyes should be open as those ‘enemies within’ might soon activate ‘sleeper cells’ here in the US as they unleash their ‘armies of darkness’ upon this nation in a last gasp effort to take us down. Between rogue FBI agents who sold their souls and allegiance to America away to get Hillary elected to antifa terrorists and other clueless liberals and communists brainwashed into thinking President Trump is a fascist to Islamic terrorist sleeper cells still likely present here in America, the potential dangers America and President Trump face have not gone away.

As Steve Quayle recently told ANP, between Bill Ayers ‘Weather Underground’ plans for America and Saul Alinsky’s revolution plans for our nation, it all adds up. Especially when we consider that Ayers was a mentor for Barack Obama while Hillary Clinton wrote her 1968 senior thesis declaring Alinsky’s philosophy was a driving force behind her own political ideology.

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Watch This Guy DEMOLISH the IRS Income Tax SCAM!

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Ron Paul: The Last Fed Chairman?

Next Fed-created economic crisis could lead people to force Congress to audit, then end the Fed

Ron Paul | – January 29, 2018

Ron Paul: The Last Fed Chairman?

Last week the Senate confirmed Jerome Powell as Federal Reserve Chairman by a vote of 84-13. This is in contrast to the contentious debates and closer votes over Janet Yellen’s confirmation in 2014 and Ben Bernanke’s confirmation for a second term in 2010. Powell benefited from a perception that the economy’s recovery from the 2007-08 meltdown proves that the Fed is a capable manager of monetary policy. However, the perceptions of economic recovery and Federal Reserve competence are both far from the truth.

The economy may seem to have recovered, but the recovery is not built on a firm foundation. Instead it rests on Fed-created bubbles in areas such as automobile sales, credit cards debt, student loan debt, stocks, and even a new housing bubble.

The most dangerous bubble is the government debt bubble. The Fed facilitates deficit spending by monetizing the federal debt. The desire to enable Congress’ spending addiction is a major reason why the Fed cannot significantly raise interest rates, as increasing rates could increase federal debt payments to unsustainable levels. This may be one reason why President Trump has reversed course and endorsed low interest rates. Of course, all first-term presidents want low interest rates since they believe the low rates boost the economy and thus help them win reelection.

One of the issues Powell will face is increasing challenges to the dollar’s world reserve currency status. China is pressuring Saudi Arabia to price oil in Chinese yuan instead of in American dollars. China and other countries may take other steps, such as halting purchases of Treasury bonds, that could weaken the dollar. The threats to the dollar’s world reserve currency status will increase as concerns about US government and private sector debt, as well as resentment over US militarism and protectionism, grow.

The dollar still maintains its reserve currency status not because the dollar is strong, but because other countries’ currencies are weak. However, unless the US gets its economic house in order, that may not long be the case.

A new challenge to the dollar’s status is emerging from the private sector as more individuals seek alternatives to government-created fiat currency. The dramatic increase in the value of bitcoins may very well be another Fed-created bubble, but it is one fueled in part by desire to be free of the Fed’s ever-depreciating paper dollars.
Another sign of the people’s rejection of the Fed is the passage of state laws recognizing gold and silver as legal tender. Arizona passed such a law last year and Wyoming will soon consider a similar bill. As the failure of our current system becomes more apparent, more states will give their citizens freedom from the Fed’s money monopoly.

Much to new Fed Chairman Powell’s chagrin, support for the Audit the Fed bill remains high. As knowledge of how the Fed endangers prosperity grows, the pressure on Congress to pass Audit the Fed will prove irresistible.
Jerome Powell may seem to be assuming the Fed chairmanship at a time of increasing prosperity and renewed respect for the Fed. However, the prosperity is an illusion built on a series of Fed-created bubbles whose bursting will cause a major economic downturn. This will increase both the growing challenges to the dollar’s world reserve currency status and the number of people seeking alternatives to Federal Reserve-created fiat currency. Powell could be the last Fed chairman if the next Fed-created economic crisis leads the people to force Congress to audit and then end the Fed.

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‘Russia-Trump Collusion’ Hoax: The Ongoing Democratic Party Crime Spree Exposes Deep State As An International Crime Syndicate



“What you are seeing is unparalleled criminal abuse of prosecutorial and investigative powers by the DOJ and FBI, respectively. Countless Deep State co-conspirators are actually carrying out a soft coup which could easily
turn into a violent coup d’état should their malicious prosecutions fail.”

— Independent Political Analyst

If nothing else, the Democratic Party has shown the whole world that they are totally lawless and corrupt to the core. In so doing the Democratic leadership has repeatedly demonstrated their extreme loyalty to Deep State, not to the Republic. The Obama Administration and Clinton Foundation, Comey’s FBI and Lynch’s DOJ, Brennan’s C.I.A. and Johnson’s DHS, Podesta’s 2016 Campaign and Wasserman Schultz’s DNC — all of them have shamelessly displayed a level of sheer criminality and flagrant corruption never witnessed before by the American people. Quite remarkably, the coup plotters continue with the conduct of their crime wave — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — as though nobody is watching.

MISSED POINT: The inconceivably reckless FISAgate scandal is exactly the type of deformed political progeny that such a dangerous marriage of Obama arrogance and Clinton ignorance was destined to produce. And, yet, it is this grave miscarriage of incestuous justice for which every U.S. citizen ought to be eternally grateful; because of FISAgate: The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse.

What really happened?

Everyone ought to realize by now that a large group of high-level government officials and political appointees throughout the Obama administration and Clinton Campaign got together to commit treason with the ultimate purpose of fomenting open rebellion.

Their initial goal was to somehow overturn the 2016 electoral college vote. When that failed dismally, the white-collar rebels sought to overthrow the President of the United States of America once Donald Trump took office.
In order to carry out these seditious schemes, the perps brazenly contrived a baseless accusation about Trump’s collusion with Russia to win the presidential election. This highly organized and criminal plot translates to a number of exceedingly serious violations of the nation’s laws. For example, the assorted crimes that constitute treason, which have thus far been committed against the POTUS and the American Republic, breach the U.S. Constitution as they do various federal statutes.

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Congressman Gaetz: The Clinton Crime Network Is Full Of Cornered Rats

The criminal elite know they are being hunted down

The Alex Jones Show – January 29, 2018

Congressman Matt Gaetz joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss the secret FISA Memo and its undoubted effect coming to the Deep State criminals within the Clinton Crime Network.


The Potential For Another Real Estate Meltdown Is Rising, Here’s Why. By Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino

Published on Jan 27, 2018

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Lou Dobbs: Time To Declare War Against The Deep State

Sean Hannity: The Walls Are Closing In On The Deep State / Globalists Now More Dangerous Than Ever

The Alex Jones Channel

Published on Jan 25, 2018

Alex Jones presents a video clip produced by Fox News where Sean Hannity makes the astute observation that President Trump's actions are closing the walls in around the deep state.

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You Can Call Them Scandals Now

The pathetic attempts to undo Donald Trump’s victory are signs of desperation, not strength, in the Deep State.
SLL, “Desperation,” 12/21/16

Guest Post by Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic 1/23/18

The Deep State’s worst nightmare was never that Donald Trump would improve relations with Russia. What keeps it awake, shaking and screaming in the darkness, is the prospect of exposure and prosecution for decades of criminality. For the first time since John F. Kennedy, the Deep State is being challenged. An inflection point may have been reached. If so, legal developments will take on a life of their own, ultimately beyond the control of congressional committees, Sessions, Trump, or anyone else.

Trump has expressed skepticism about US military interventions, NATO’s usefulness and funding, and the US’s hostile posture towards Russia. However, he says and tweets a lot of things, most of which are best ignored.
Instead, look at what he’s done, which should never be ignored. He has:

1. Significantly increased the already bloated military and intelligence budgets
2. Increased troop levels in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq
3. Increased US special forces operations around the world, especially in Africa
4. Given US military field commanders more latitude to conduct operations
5. Encouraged NATO forces to increase strength and display force around Russia’s western perimeter
6. Sent arms to Ukraine’s corrupt government so it can better harass eastern Ukrainian separatists, who are supported by Russia
7. Strengthened US ties with Israel and Saudi Arabia, supporting the latter’s vicious war in Yemen
8. Threatened to abrogate the Iranian nuclear agreement
9. Threatened preemptive war in North Korea
10. Brokered billions of dollars worth of US arms sales

Trump ticks virtually every item on the Deep State wish list. Although scores of commentators say otherwise, the few and minor policy differences between them do not explain the Deep State’s fear and loathing of the president.
Imagine you’re a long time, paid up member of the Deep State. You’ve got a gold-plated résumé, an extensive network of useful contacts in both government and the private sector, and money in the bank. You also know a lot of secrets. Your knowledge of those secrets makes you complicit in a fair amount of criminality. But you consider them your protection, because everyone in your world is complicit in something. You go down and they go down too. And you can’t imagine everyone going down.

Then Trump—an outsider—runs for president on his own dime and captures the Republican nomination. An alarm goes off. The Deep State, the Democrats, never Trump Republicans, and the media do everything they can to get something on Trump, but all they came up with is grabbing pussy. Trump’s apparently clean and not beholden to anyone. As a successful and sophisticated businessman, he’s undoubtedly aware of systemic rot and corruption in Washington. What if he wins and starts turning over the rocks? That’s a remote but real danger. Who cares about his policies? Something has to be done.

And so Russiagate was born.

It was predictable that a probe based on nothing would at best go nowhere and at worst backfire spectacularly (see SLL, “Plot Holes,” 2/26/17). It’s backfired. There are ongoing congressional committee, FBI, IRS, and Department of Justice investigations of Uranium One, the Trump Dossier and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s emails, and the FBI’s investigation of those emails. An indictment against Mark Lambert has been returned in Uranium One.

A “bombshell” Republican-authored report is circulating in the House of Representatives that has members and government officials openly speculating on the removal of senior FBI and Department of Justice personal, and possible prosecution. House Republicans are agitating for the report’s public release, and after jumping through various procedural hoops, they’ll probably get it.

The rolling snowball got more momentum recently as the FBI revealed that five months of emails between Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page had been “inadvertently” destroyed. Whoever destroyed the emails will probably cause the FBI, Strzok, and Page more trouble than the actual evidence would have. The presumption is that destroyed evidence is construed in the most unfavorable light to the party or parties responsible for its destruction. This means the trier of fact (jury or judge) is generally free to assume the worst. The destruction of evidence itself can be a crime if it is intentional, reckless, or negligent.

It’s official: you can call them scandals now.

Since the day Trump took office there has been internet speculation and predictions of imminent, Gordian Knot-types of legal strokes: mass indictments that will drain the swamp and vanquish the Deep State once and for all. Such “revelations” reveal only their authors’ ignorance of the law and legal process. In real life, competent and thorough investigations are grinding, meticulous, and mostly secret, only occasionally leading to headline worthy disclosures and developments. You’re watching paint dry, not a Hollywood legal thriller. Even if the House report lives up to its bombshell billing, it won’t speed up the legal process.

You can be sure that potential defendants are already making quiet inquiries and arrangements, lawyering up. Top criminal attorneys are probably raising their rates, anticipating a flood of new business. They’re paid to delay, obstruct, and stymie. The highest profile potential defendants—Comey, the Clintons—can afford them and they’re not going quietly or quickly into that good night. Constitutional safeguards and the legal system’s procedural maze will be facts of life.

However, not even the best attorneys can counter the hard-wired desire to save one’s own skin. Once the investigations are really rolling, it’s every man and woman for himself or herself. (Will Bill Clinton turn state’s evidence against Hillary? Will she turn state’s evidence against him?) That’s when things could get explosively unpredictable. The prospect of jail time concentrates the mind and prompts a reconsideration of past friendships and alliances. When prosecuting authorities dangle reduced charges and suspended sentences in exchange for ratting out, ratting out becomes the order of the day.

Washington is a vast trove of illicit secrets. Good investigations unearth secrets. It may be a pipe dream, but present investigations, taking on uncontrollable lives of their own, could start unraveling the secrecy that has protected the government, its string pullers and their cronies, and the complicit mainstream media for too long.
This sick nation has no hope of healing until hidden truths—stretching back to at least World War II—are revealed. It’s a remote possibility, but never say never. In a perfect world, the guilty would be punished and restitution made to their victims. That prospect, unfortunately, doesn’t even qualify as a pipe dream.

Deep cynicism is warranted when it comes to the Deep State and the US government. However, those of us who want to see criminality exposed and prosecuted can do more than just watch the scandals unfold with our fingers crossed.
WikiLeaks and Judicial Watch have been at the forefront of private efforts to shine the light. WikiLeaks’ role is well-known. Judicial Watch has toiled in comparative obscurity, but its work has been just as important. It has issued a barrage of Freedom of Information Act requests to various federal agencies. Refusing to take no for an answer, it goes to court every time those requests are delayed or stonewalled. It usually wins. The documents it’s uncovered have led to progress in a number of these matters scandals.

If you have the money and want to fight the good fight, consider donating to WikiLeaks and Judicial Watch. Every little bit helps. The links:
Judicial Watch:

From the Grave, the Founding Fathers Are Telling Us to Start Acting Like Men

by Dave Hodges January 23rd, 2018

When asked what type of government the American people were going to participate in, by a well-meaning woman, a stern Benjamin Franklin warned that our new government was going to be “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.“

Ron Paul once embodied the very best of our Constitutional principles as he served as our only real national voice of freedom. I believe that Ron Paul would answer this question about the type of government that we have by saying “A republic, madam, if you can take it back.“ Now we have Donald Trump as President and despite the odds he has made great inroads into making economic gains for the American people. However, he cannot do it alone and we keep slipping further and further into the abyss of tyranny.

Ron Paul failed because we the people did not do our job. If Trump fails, it will be for the same reason.
From the grave, the Founding Fathers are scolding America from the grave:

“The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.”
Robert Hutchins

Trump Was Correct: America Is a Hell Hole

America has indeed been living on momentum which began with the Founding Fathers and has been perpetuated by successive generations of American people, until recently.

Increasingly, the American people are witnessing the abrogation of their political rights, their economic futures and the heritage of its children. Yet, the events which would have plunged America into the throes of a bloody revolution only a couple of generations ago are met with notable indifference today.

As we take stock of the true State of the Union, I would ask that you pause and hear the warning of world visionaries from previous generations who successfully fought the same revolutionary battles which Americans find themselves fighting today. Most of these voices that you will hear from come to us from our own Founding Fathers, and some messages will come from world figures. However, they all clearly tell us what we must do to preserve our way of life.

This Country Is a Hell-Hole
Donald Trump

Can America Be Restored?

Can we restore America? The short answer is no! Can’t a revolution to resurrect our once great country? I would prefer the revolution be political, social and economic as opposed to violent. However, what would we rebel against? Half the country is in love with tyranny. You are fighting to save yourself and soul. At the anti-Women’s rally, two girls were displaying signs that advocated for the assassination of Trump and they also said “It’s time for the guillotine, bitches”.

When the Great Awakening of the 21st Century appears, the American masses are going to awaken from their slumber and begin to take stock of what they have lost and I am not certain that the response will not be violent. The masses will angrily wonder how things changed so quickly. We will see bloodshed on this country that will make the Civil War I seem like a picnic.

Many of us can feel that we are on the precipice of something monumental which will indelibly shape our future for better or for worse. While the country is waiting for the other shoe to drop, every American should take a moment to reflect on the true State of the Union and then decide on a course of action.

When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny
Thomas Jefferson

All too frequently in the course of human events, government becomes the personal instrument and private broker of the privileged class and the Deep State in order to get what they desire from the lower and the middle socioeconomic strata. However, you and I live in a nation which was founded on truth, justice and fair play for the masses although we have never achieved that ideal. The Founding Fathers believed that an empowered populace held the key to national and individual success and that it was the government’s role to facilitate, not to inhibit its citizen’s individual initiative.

For Adams and Jefferson, facilitation of individual success was achieved by a “laissez faire” attitude which limited the government’s ability to interfere in the social and economic lives of its law-abiding citizens. Now we have Google in our homes, bedrooms, controlling what we read on the Internet and what we watch on Youtube. Google is “Big-Brother”. For the most part, the early role of American government was to serve the people, not to empower itself with a bravado sense of demagoguery. And, “we the people” had the right and ability to choose leaders who would preserve our freedoms and would help to enhance our future endeavors. Today, we have degenerated into a morbid sense of fascism, rigged elections and the planned obsolescence of the American people.

The country was lost when we allowed the Political Action Committees to donate to political campaigns. Subsequently, there are only two groups of politicians today. There are those that are bought and paid for and there are those that will be bought and paid for. Multinational corporations run our government, our banks, steal our homes, ration our health care and if they have their way, they will soon steal your children. Has anyone else noticed that after Ron Paul stepped aside, these tyrannical actions by the bankster controlled government have accelerated?

I will not bow down to the New World Order. I want my government to fear me. We should all want our government to fear all of us.

If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace
Thomas Paine

I grew up believing that America provided a path to success for anyone who was willing to work hard enough to realize their dreams. And for the most part, as a first generation college graduate with two advanced degrees, I have been blessed enough to experience a measure of success in my pursuit in a variety of rewarding careers which has culminated in the realization of a relatively comfortable lifestyle. But as I examine the opportunities and the country we are leaving to our children, I have come to realize that America has been subsisting on momentum created by much wiser and philanthropic generations that the current leadership ruling over our country at this time. I am left wondering why America could not remain the America that I came to love and cherish as a child. We live in a largely Godless country that has descended into social marxism where every perversion known to man is honored and the traditional family values are denigrated and even persecuted.

With the advent of the unending looting our nation’s treasury through the bailouts, our children’s generation will continue to witness career and subsequent economic success reserved for only the most ambitious and the most gifted as the middle class is being systematically exterminated by free trade agreements. We live under a tyrannical government which only serves the global corporations while only pretending to listen to its people every four years.

When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic
Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin foretold the rise of the Federal Reserve, which would come to dominate every facet of American life. The Federal Reserve, the most evil organization on the face of the earth, revels in starting wars which kills millions. Ask yourself, what form of Republic Democracy would permit its central bank to hide its financial activities from the Congress? The answer would be only a tyrannical government ruled by dictators would sanction this obfuscation of their financial dealings.

Our country, in the pursuit of our special interest wars, in the name of big oil, has produced an American economy which is broke on a level never seen before in American history. Further, the flawed Federal Reserve System which has further bankrupted our children’s economic futures through the continued printing of worthless paper money while these international bankers take their cut (prime lending rate) right off of the top. This practice represents the biggest protection racket in our country’s history. Over 150 years ago, we warned about these eventualities.

….corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed…
Abraham Lincoln

We have a significant higher number who are the victims of a system which “manages” the health care system, currently at a record profits pace, so that many of our seriously ill patients are denied life-saving medications and treatments because they are “deemed” experimental or too expensive. And now with Obamacare and the equally deficient Trumpcare waiting in the wings, we will see real death panels which will deny treatment to elderly, etc.
The gap between global corporate CEO’s and its American workers used to be 30-1. Today, that figure is almost 300-1. The growing gap between rich and poor is growing at an alarming rate. Congress looks the other was while American based corporations export American jobs to the Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim where workers do not unionize, ask for raises and will work for pennies on the American hour. President Trump is trying to reverse this trend, but he is swimming upstream against a Congress that is largely bought and paid for. Meanwhile, the Walmarts are allowed, with impunity, to ship these same products back to American consumers . The net effect is that in real, inflation adjusted dollars, Americans are working for about 20% less and working about 20% more hours that they did in the 1970’s. Americans are more productive that they have ever been before, but it is the global corporations who are realizing the real profits. Who is the bigger enemy to the American people, the bankers or the oil companies? The short answer is that they are one in the same. But few people know, because of mass censorship.

The biggest threat to America comes from Facebook, Twitter and mostly Google. It has been said that where they burn books, they will soon burn people. These three social media entities are burning the books and American, the people are next.

“Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.”
Thomas Jefferson

Any revolution needs to develop a collective consciousness among its citizens as a precursor to real action. The Founding Fathers were able to accomplish this feat by holding Town Hall meetings, forming the Committees of Correspondence and they even created their own colonial legislatures in which they sought the redress of grievances against the oppressive British government. Despite today’s high speed communications, the Internet is the Townhall meeting. However, Google has taken over the Townhall and the rest of America including President Trump is allowing it to happen.

If we are going to raise the consciousness of the American people, it is not going to be through the corporate controlled media. Support your alternative media.

“If it be asked, What is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of our security in a Republic? The answer would be, An inviolable respect for the Constitution and Laws.”
Alexander Hamilton

You Are the Last Line of the Resistance

You are the resistance and if you are only able to talk to one person per day, seven people per week, 30 people per month and your efforts are multiplied in proportion to your efforts, the 5 million Americans who formerly supported Ron Paul will exponentially grow in number and reach a counter critical mass of angry, newly aware Americans who will stop at nothing to reclaim their country. The Founding Fathers would defy every single law that defiles the family and our Christian roots. They would stand strong against censorship and the social marxism that has beset our country.

I hereby declare my independence from satanic tyranny. Will you?

From the grave, the Founding Fathers tell us to start acting like real men.

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