Swiss view on fate of world brought to you by central bankers



The destiny of the world is now in the hands of 6 central banks, Fed, ECB, BoE (England), PBOC (China), BoJ (Japan), SNB (Swiss). This in itself bodes extremely badly for the global financial system. This is like putting the villains in charge of the judicial system. For decades these central banks have totally abused their power and taken control of the world monetary system for the benefit of their banker friends and in some cases their private shareholders.

The central banks have totally corrupted and destroyed the financial system, by printing money and extending credit that doesn’t exist. Everyone knows that creating money out of thin air makes the money totally worthless. These bankers know, that if you stand next to the printing press and get the money first, it does have some value before it circulates. And this is exactly what they have done. Once the money reaches the people, it devalues rapidly. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild said over 200 years ago: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”



But the bankers are not just in charge of the printing press, they are also in control of the cost of money in the form of interest rates. By manipulating rates, they are setting aside the natural laws of supply and demand. So they can print unlimited amounts of money and price it at 0%. The effect of this is a debt bubble that can never be repaid and an asset bubble that is so fake that not a single asset is worth a fraction of the value it is priced at.

The central banks are now panicking and are creating trillions of dollars, euros etc. Add to that additional bank lending and government debt and we are in the tens of trillions.

Just looking at the 6 biggest banks mentioned above, their balance sheets have gone up by $3 trillion from $21 trillion at the end of February 2020 to $24T today.

But this is just the beginning. We must remember that it wasn’t the Coronavirus that started the money printing. It all began back in late July 2019 when the ECB warned the world that something was seriously wrong by saying, we will do whatever it takes. A few weeks later the Fed started daily Repos of $100s of billions. This was the time when serious problems in the financial system started.



At the end of Sep 2019, the Fed balance sheet was $3.8T and today it is $6.6T, an increase of $2.8T most of which occurred since March 2020. During the same period (Sep 2019-April 2020) US debt grew by $2T from $22.7T to $24.7T.

So between the Fed and the US government, they have created almost $5T since the end of Sep 2019. Most of this increase has taken place in April 2020. Remember that this is not real money but just money fabricated out of thin air. It involved no work, no service in return and no production of goods. Thus this money has ZERO intrinsic value. It is just a computer entry of one 5 and 12 zeros. Therefore the recipients of these funds are getting fake and worthless money.



If the Fed or the US government claims that they are issuing real money that has a real value, why don’t they just print $21.5 trillion annually. This equates to US annual GDP. So instead of having to work and produce goods, every US adult and child is just given $65,000 each. ($21.5T divided by 331 million population). Nobody would need to work and everyone can just spend the money as they like and live in total bliss just like in Shangri-La. Obviously someone would need to produce food and provide essential services but that could all be bought in from low cost countries.

If the US government and the Fed really believe that they are solving all problems by printing money, why don’t they then go full out and print the annual GDP. But why then stop at $21.5T which is the current GDP? Why not print $43T to double the standard of living. Or why not go to $100T so everyone can really get wealthy. If the current system of printing $ trillions or even $10s of trillions works, I would like the Fed and the government to explain why they can’t print $100s of trillions. Are they saying that printing $10T represents real money but not $100T which would be fake? Can any serious observer believe that these 6 central banks will save the world by printing worthless money? How far do they think they can take their Ponzi scheme before the world discovers their bluff?




Alex Newman – Federal Government Cannot Bail Everybody Out

Greg Hunter

Journalist Alex Newman the virus has finally brought trillions of dollars in unpayable underwater state pensions in to the light as blue states are asking for a federal bailout. Newman says, “Right now, President Trump is talking about rebuilding our infrastructure. One reason our infrastructure is crumbling is 1/4 to 1/3 of our state and local government budgets are going to fund public pension plans. This is a good opportunity to rebuild our infrastructure, but we have to use some common sense here. We can’t keep paying these enormous pensions.”

In closing, Newman says, “The idea that the federal government cannot bail everybody out is self-evidentially ludicrous. The government can’t bail out the workers, the companies, states, local governments and the churches. It is self evidentially ridiculous. I hope President Trump can make some progress on it, but the task is so big and so complicated I feel like it would take a miracle to have some success on this.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Alex Newman, International Correspondent for The New American Magazine and founder of

Bio-weapon theories re: communist superpower whose economic infrastructure was about to be completely destroyed and you were about to be exposed as a Democrat co-conspirator?

4-26-20 Credit

If you were a communist superpower whose economic infrastructure was about to be completely destroyed and you were about to be exposed as a Democrat co-conspirator in the destruction of the the United States for profit, what would you do during the most important election year in world history? An election that would completely wipe out your Democrat incumbent infiltrate traitors forever – traitors who provided you with obscenely fat contracts in exchange for massive kickbacks?

Would you sit back and do nothing or would you do everything in your power, along with your co-conspirators to take out your enemy? How would you do that? Would you make it so obvious by launching a missile attack against the most powerful nation in the world who would be able to wipe you out in just a matter of minutes?

No, you’d do it in such a way that your attack would be incredibly clandestine and destroy the enemy from within – destroying the will of the people, their freedoms and their economy. You’d partner with your traitorous media servants to push so much fear that the people would blame their own institutions instead of the source enemy. Your media servants would simply redirect the blame, doing everything in their power to conceal who the true enemy is.

Why do you think the media deems you “racist” for blaming China?

Why do you think Hunter Biden made a $1.5B deal with a Chinese pharma company?

Why do you think Joe Biden constantly defends China?

Why do you think Democrats and the media attacked Trump for cutting off travel from China?

Health experts warn China travel ban will hinder coronavirus response

Why do you think the media attacked Trump for calling it the “Chinese Virus”?

Why do you think the WHO protects China and regurgitated CHINA’S findings that the virus wasn’t human transferable?

Why do you think China donated $30M to the WHO after Trump cut funding.

Why do you think Diane Feinstein had a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years?…/the-spy-who-drove-her-…;…/Sen-Feinstein-had-a-Chinese-c…;…/dianne-feinstein-and-the-spy-15335784…;

Why do you think a Chinese national was arrested trying to infiltrate Mar a Lago?

Why do you think a Harvard University professor and two Chinese Nationals were charged in three separate China related cases?

How do you maximize the effect of your bio-weapon?

You get the people to turn on themselves and let them continue spreading it.

They deprogrammed the part of common sense that tells you to stay away from infected areas, and replaced it through insurgency over the internet with be angry and protest.

Protest groups form, chances of infection goes up.

Bio-weapon continues its march to 100% infection.


After Decades Of Brainwashing, MSM & Governments Are Losing Control Of The People

4-26-20 Authored by Mac Slavo via,

The mainstream media and governments are losing control of people all over the globe. Humans are finally standing up for their rights to live not as slaves, but as free sovereign people capable of making their own decisions without rulers and elitists calling the shots.


Never before have we seen global tyranny at this scale. But, never before have we seen a mass uprising against governments and their propaganda outlets (the mainstream media) either. As more and more people get off their knees and stand up for their basic human right to live freely, governments and the elitists that control them lose power. We are at that point where power will return to the people and the elitists will be the ones living in fear. All we have to do, is be free.

The mainstream media is going to continue its smear campaign against anyone who dares to believe they have the right to live freely so long as they aren’t harming others and take life’s risk upon themselves. But as fewer people tune in to listen to their propaganda, fewer people will be brainwashed by it. A lot of people have lost everything in the tyrannical liberty-crushing demands put upon them, and now that they have nothing to lose, they are finally realizing their rights don’t come from the government or elitists.

And no smear campaign by government lapdogs will stop people from waking up at this point. The media has been enslaving our minds so the government won’t have to enslave our bodies. But it’s out now and in broad daylight and people have had enough. The veil has been lifted.

People are realizing that we own ourselves. And we are finally standing together to let the “masters” know that we are not their slaves. The quote in the movie, a Bug’s Life can be applied today with a simple change of words.

“It’s not about food. It’s about keeping those ants in line!”

We all know at this point, “it’s not about health. It’s about keeping those people in line!”

Take notice of the clips of this movie on YouTube. The comments have been disabled, not by those posting the videos, but by YouTube. It’s just another means to keep people “in line.” They censor us, they brainwash us, and they expect us to obey their commands stay as their slaves. But people have had enough!

Mass civil disobedience, where people are going to cease to obey laws that control them is already happening. Governors who locked people in their homes and barked commands that some close their businesses will lose the power to dictate once enough people disobey, and that day is coming. This horrific cycle of violence and slavery is ending and it’s panicking those who have had control of us for so long. You can read it in their headlines.

“Fear the second wave.”

“Anti-government extremists.”

“We can’t reopen or people will die.”

Well, guess what? You don’t own us. And your fear-mongering is falling on deaf ears.

Free platforms are rising up during the mass censorship and fear-mongering propaganda pushing:

Humanity is finally moving in the right direction. The last step is to just live. Protesting is begging the master to let you be free. Just live free. Don’t ask permission. Conduct your life as the free, sovereign human being you were born as, and let the ruling class panic. If you don’t buy their fear, they cannot control you. The fact that humans are finally realizing they had this power all along is incredible. Live your life your way! That’s the biggest middle finger we can give to any tyrant, whether it be a cop, a governor, a politician, an elitist, or anyone else who wants our compliance and enslavement.

Freedom is not negotiable and rights are not gifts from governments or others. We all have the basic human right to be free and live our life the way we see fit. As more people realize this, our power grows and the mainstream media’s fear campaign fails. After all, if there are no order followers, there are no orders.

It’s about time we all stand together and abolish the last shred of modern-day slavery! I will not sit back and allow anyone to continue life as a slave if I can help it! I might not be able to do much, but I can promote peace, liberty, and the abolishment of all forms of slavery.

Some say the pen is mightier than the sword, maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. But I am tired of being told I have to give up my rights to live free for a false sense of security. I will no longer be owned or commanded. This is MY life and I am peacefully choosing to be free.

Tucker Carlson and Dave Hodges Clearly Demonstrate the Need for Immediate and Complete Civil Disobedience

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Friday, April 24, 2020


This article is an unplanned departure for the multipart series which exposes the globalist takeover of America and how dire their intentions are for our culture, economy and personal safety. The longevity of every American is at risk whether they be liberal, conservative or even hopelessly ignorant.

I feel that the Lord spoke to me and directed me to a take one-day diversion and venture into the massive lies being told to the American people and shed light on these deceptions.

Over and Over It Is Has Been Demonstrated That We Cannot Trust Government Statistics
This article takes a multidisciplinary approach in order assess the validity of a total shutdown of America and whether or not, it is having any effect. It’s not that this virus is not deadly and that it is not highly contagious. However, we will never have anyway of knowing because the government has clearly been hijacked by Big Pharma (ie federal employees in the CDC, NIH, etc) who have demonstrable financial ties to outside groups (eg Bill Gates Vaccine Factories).

Finally, An Ounce of Truth From the Mainstream Media
Tucker Carlson came out, in a 7+ minuted presentation of the validity and efficacy of coronavirus lockdowns, and sounded more like Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show than he did a Fox News broadcaster. In the following broadcast, Tucker Carlson debunks several myths associated with the lockdowns and mass quarantine policies across America in the following areas:

Presently, 8 states do not have mandatory shelter-in-place lockdown orders. There infection and subsequent death rates are far less than the nations who do.
There have been research studies, which are adjusted for population density per square mile and the conclusions are sitll the same. States and cities that have lockdowns fair no better than states and cities that have draconian lockdowns.
The most severe lockdown rules, with dranconian consequnces, have the highest rates of infection, even on an adjusted population-per-square-mile density regression analysis. In LA, the mayor has donned his swastika armband and has forbidden people to go outside. LA has the most unreasonable and dramatic quarantine laws in America and yet they have the highest rate of infection per square mile.
Carlson emphasized that these quarantine policies are about politicians thirst for absolute power. They have tasted blood, so to speak and they love it.
It is safe to say that a Carlson retraction is coming, or he will be seeking employment elsewhere.

In the following video, I produced this morning, I take Tucker Carlson's arguments and compare them to a 6 point analysis of the deception being presented to the American people. First I want to be clear, I am not saying the virus is not deadly and I am not saying that it is not contagious. However, I am raising points that demonstrates how badly the American people are being misled.

Here are the 6 points:

Expanding On Carlson's Critique On Lockdowns-What He Did Not Say
The fallacy of the CDC and COVID-19 team diagnoses is omnipresent. As the CSS has pointed out before, the three phase approach to get a community out of lockdown is flawed because they have confabulated the figures related to CV-19 with an obvious piling on approach by counting "flu like symptoms". This is deceptive and it is designed to increase the numbers in order to justify the lockdown. After all, is this about the flu or about COVID-19? Don't say both, because we have never had a lockdown over the flu. Then there is the issue of "presumptive diagnoses". This is where a doctor can presume that anything that when a death is not the product of a gun shot or a car accident, the cause of death is COVID-19. Even CDC documents, published here on the CSS, speak clearly to this point. What does the word "Presumptive" mean? It means that one is engaging in speculation. Yet, these approaches are being allowed to confabulate the total data which is intentionally designed to exacerbate the totals as an execuse to keep up locked down.
The box store hypocrisy is criminal. A small business owner cannot open his hardware shop, but the box stores operate with impunity. Have you been to an open Walmart or Costco lately? There is no real social distancing. People, without gloves handle the same objects and touch the same surfaces and we know that COVID-19 lives on different surfaces for varying lengths of time. It can accurately be said that if we apply the logic of the COVID-19 team to the box stores, they are indeed factories for the spread of COVID-19. Interestingly, a church could increase its number of services and maintain easily enforced social distancing and be much more safe than the box stores, however, they are discriminated against and a different set of rules are applied to Christians. This is not happening in Mosques, nor should it be. I am just pointing out the extreme hypocrisy that political prejudices that are in play and that have absolutely nothing to do with science. What's good for the box store goose, is clearly not good enough for the Christian and small business gander in a case of rules for thee but not for me.
Without question, the most draconian enforcements are happening in Democratic controlled municpalities and states. I have arrived at the conclusion that these Democrats are part of a strategy that will cause America to hate life and subsequently blame the Republicans and the cost will be enormous at election time. The Democrats, as it is self-evident, plan on erasing all Constitutional protections in their version of a Bolshevik Revolution.
The Deep State and their puppet masters, the so-called gobalists, have their motive as well. As Ronald Reagan pointed out, "America is the last bastion of freedom". The globalists need to take down the last bastion so they can install their New World Order, both politically and financially. As an American, you have a target on your back. Whether that target is made by an embedded terrorist (eg MS-13) or a Red Dawn invasion, or the CHICOMS, it does not matter. America, you have been targeted for political, economic and physical destruction. Americans should be added to the list of endangered species.
I recently had a and discussion that I am not fully ready to discuss. However, I will soon be disclosing some very disturbing information about the Pentagon, specifically, and about the military in general. However, suffice it to say, that Jade Helm 16 is being played out right now in the deep recesses of power with regard to our military establishment. The primary damage was done to America when Obama fired almost 400 command officers and replaced them with "globalist thinkers".
Finally, it is important in warfare that one identify their primary enemy. From Representative Massie (R) to Ron Paul, and from a plethora of current events that a mass famine is coming across the planet. In fact, yesterday, the United Nations stated that a famine of "Biblical Proportions" is coming to the planet, the starvation danger is self-evident. If we do not immediately go back to work and produce and ship food, we are assuring ourselves that this famine is coming much sooner (perhaps weeks) rather than later. It will first come in the form of hyperinflation and then an absolute shortage. I cannot guarantee that an immediate return to work will stave off the starvation. However, there is a fundamental question that we need to ask. At the end of the day, which is more deadly for the human race, the COVID-19 virus or a mass famine of Biblical proportions?
America we need to ask ourselves a question. Do we want to die on our acquiescing knees or on our feet? There is still time to decide, but the time to decide is now!

We need to secure the sound of marching feet. We need people of all backgrounds, conservative, liberal or ignorant to joint our coming civil disobedience. We must declare our independence and go back to work immediately. The globalist collaborators cannot throw all of us in jail and we own 430 million hand guns and we have 7 million veterans of fighting age. The time to defy this illegal lockdown of our country is now. Today, Shelley Luther is defying the shutdown of her Dallas business, the Salon a la Mode. America needs to join her. If you have a small business, you need to reopen today! If you know of a business that is "illegally" open today, we need patronize that store. As a country, if we have even the smallest chance of success of saving our country and our collective futures, civil disobedience must happen now. In a couple of weeks, it will be too late.

Here is a video to share with liberals and the ignorants. This is the time to approach them because they are just as miserable as the rest of us.

MUST READ: It’s Not About Your Health – What’s Really Going On with the Economic Lockdowns?

A Colorado father is arrested for playing catch with his daughter in a park.

What is really going on with the COVID-19 lockdowns

This was passed along to my from Bob B. and also credit to Kevin Sorbo.

For me…

When the State tells you it’s safe to go to Home Depot to buy a sponge but dangerous to go and buy a flower, it’s not about your health.

When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee, it’s not about your health.

When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems an abortion visit is safe, it’s not about your health.

When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s dangerous, but allows personal lottery ticket sales, it’s not about your health.

When the State tells you it’s dangerous to go golf alone, fish alone or be in a motor boat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make-up done, and hair done for 5 TV appearances a week, it’s not about your health.

When the state puts you IN a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous but lets criminals OUT of jail cells for their health- It’s not about YOUR health!

When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor for chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential- It’s not about your health!

When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting, ITS NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

WAKE UP PEOPLE — If you think this is all about your health you’re mistaken! Please open your eyes! Stop being lead like blind sheep.

Join The Conversation At The Link Below:

MUST READ: It’s Not About Your Health – What’s Really Going On with the Economic Lockdowns?

This Is The End Game, The [CB] System Is Coming To An End:Bob Kudla

Robert Kiyosaki – Get Your Money Out of the Bank – Prepare for What is Coming!


The Banks are in trouble because people are defaulting on their loans. If people aren’t earning as much money as they were when they were working, especially small businesses, they’re not paying their loans. So, the banks are not getting interest payments. They’re getting defaults. In fact, there was already trouble in the subprime markets before COVID-19. Both subprime credit card and auto loan defaults were rising. That will only increase with millions of people suddenly unemployed. The Bankers are staring into an abyss.

The Problem is Main Street just doesn’t know it is staring into the same abyss. Even when the economy is ” overheating,” banks are insolvent by design. The more insolvent they are, the more they fleece the sheep. It is all perfectly legal, of course. Now people are starting to realize that they have been funding compulsive gamblers with unsecured loans at perhaps twenty-five percent interest rate on their bank deposits (unsecured loans). When you realize that governments have made this all legal and that they have pushed through bail-in legislation to protect the “taxpayer” from bank insolvency, do you trust your government to do anything that is for your benefit? We are wearing masks, But the banks are robbing us.

The financial sector is the key to the US economy.
They shouldn’t be, but they are because we have a bubble economy. We have an economy based on credit, based on debt. So, not people spending the money they earned, but spending the money they didn’t earn, but they borrowed.” This becomes clear when you look at the consumer debt numbers. Americans were already leveraged up to their eyeballs before corona spurred a government lockdown of the economy. What is at the heart of the bubble, other than the Federal Reserve which is pumping all the blood through the body of the economy, but it’s pumping it through the heart of the banking sector. So, when you see this cardiac arrest in the banking sector, this is a sign that there’s trouble brewing here when the banks are having so much trouble.”

The collapse of fake assets was underway well before the fake virus became the imposed subject of 90% of all communication, and half the planet was put under house arrest. It directs the anger away from the elitist banksters to some nanoparticle, and the panic-stricken public will welcome the monetary “reset,” which, of course, will screw them further. The Banks ARE the problem. When you have a credit bubble, when the economy is built on a foundation of debt, and then something happens to shake that foundation, you have a big problem, Peter Schiff said recently. Gold and Silver are money; everything else is credit and subject to manipulation. The Fed is doing everything it did during the last financial crisis except way bigger and way sooner. The Fed printed more money than the UK, and Chinese GDPs put together in the last 50 days alone. There’s a deflation of products. there’s inflation in food.

There’s more money floating around. There’s no economy. There’s no trade. Money is not real. The market is not real. The debt tsunami is rolling in. The derivatives pit is bottomless. No amount of bailouts by the public can fill a bottomless Black Hole. Trump bought them time with his initial bail-out of the FED, but that was all he gave them: a little time. The Central banks will continue to temporize with massive pumping, Guaranteeing that there be a catastrophic result.

What Is a Bank Run? – How Bank Runs Happen ?
A bank run occurs when a large number of customers of a bank or other financial institution withdraw their deposits simultaneously on fears that the bank will become insolvent. Bank runs happen when a large number of people start making withdrawals from banks because they fear the institutions will run out of money.

A bank run is typically the result of panic rather than true insolvency. As more people withdraw their funds, the probability of default increases, prompting more people to withdraw their deposits. In extreme cases, the bank’s reserves may not be sufficient to cover the withdrawals. With more people withdrawing money, banks will use up their cash reserves and ultimately end up defaulting. the clients keep the cash or transfer it into other assets, such as government bonds, precious metals or gemstones.

When they transfer funds to another institution, it may be characterized as a capital flight. As a bank run progresses, it generates its own momentum: as more people withdraw cash, the likelihood of default increases, triggering further withdrawals. This can destabilize the bank to the point where it runs out of cash and thus faces sudden bankruptcy.To combat a bank run, a bank may limit how much cash each customer may withdraw, suspend withdrawals altogether, or promptly acquire more cash from other banks or from the central bank, besides other measures.

A banking panic or bank panic is a financial crisis that occurs when many banks suffer runs at the same time, as people suddenly try to convert their threatened deposits into cash or try to get out of their domestic banking system altogether. A systemic banking crisis is one where all or almost all of the banking capital in a country is wiped out.

The resulting chain of bankruptcies can cause a long economic recession as domestic businesses and consumers are starved of capital as the domestic banking system shuts down.According to former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, the Great Depression was caused by the Federal Reserve System, and much of the economic damage was caused directly by bank runs.

The cost of cleaning up a systemic banking crisis can be huge, with fiscal costs averaging 13% of GDP and economic output losses averaging 20% of GDP for important crises from 1970 to 2007. Several techniques have been used to try to prevent bank runs or mitigate their effects.

They have included a higher reserve requirement (requiring banks to keep more of their reserves as cash), government bailouts of banks, supervision and regulation of commercial banks, the organization of central banks that act as a lender of last resort, the protection of deposit insurance systems such as the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and after a run has started, a temporary suspension of withdrawals.

These techniques do not always work: for example, even with deposit insurance, depositors may still be motivated by beliefs they may lack immediate access to deposits during a bank reorganization. A bank run triggered by fear that pushes a bank into actual insolvency represents a classic example of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The bank does risk default, as individuals keeping withdrawing funds. So what begins as panic can eventually turn into a true default situation. That’s because most banks don’t keep that much cash on hand in their branches. In fact, most institutions have a set limit to how much they can store in their vaults each day. These limits are set based on need and for security reasons.

The Federal Reserve Bank also sets in-house cash limits for institutions. The money they do have on the books is used to loan out to others or is invested in different investment vehicles. Because banks typically keep only a small percentage of deposits as cash on hand, they must increase their cash position to meet the withdrawal demands of their customers.

One method a bank uses to increase cash on hand is to sell off its assets—sometimes at significantly lower prices than if it did not have to sell quickly. Losses on the sale of assets at lower prices can cause a bank to become insolvent. A bank panic occurs when multiple banks endure runs at the same time. The stock market crash of 1929 precipitated a spate of bank runs across the country, ultimately culminating in the Great Depression.

The succession of bank runs that occurred in late 1929 and early 1930 represented a domino effect of sorts, as news of one bank failure spooked customers of nearby banks, prompting them to withdraw their money.

For example, a single bank failure in Nashville led to a host of bank runs across the Southeast. Other bank runs during the Depression occurred because of rumors started by individual customers.

In December 1930, a New Yorker who was advised by the Bank of United States against selling a particular stock left the branch and promptly began telling people the bank was unwilling or unable to sell his shares. Interpreting this as a sign of insolvency, bank customers lined up by the thousands and, within hours, withdrew over $2 million from the bank. An uncontrolled bank run can result in a bank’s bankruptcy or when multiple banks are involved, a banking panic, which at its worst can lead to an economic recession.

A bank may try to avoid the negative effects of a bank run by limiting the amount of cash a customer can withdraw at one time, temporarily suspending withdrawals altogether, or borrowing cash from other banks or the central banks to cover the demand. Today, there are other provisions to protect against bank runs and bankruptcy. For instance, the reserve requirements for banks have generally increased and central banks have been organized to provide quick loans as a last resort. Perhaps most important has been the establishment of deposit insurance programs such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which was set up during the Great Depression in response to the bank failures that exacerbated the economic crisis. Its aim was to maintain stability in the banking system and to encourage a certain level of confidence and trust. The insurance remains in place today.

The Fed needs to be phased out. We do not have fractional reserve banking anymore; now we have Fictional reserve banking after the FED changed te reserve requirement to ZERO on 3/26/2020.

It will be quite interesting to see how economic activity picks back up after things re-open. I think there may be some surprises.

Not all businesses are going to re-open.
Not all employees will be called back.
People are not going to flock to bars and restaurants because they will be broke, and no one wants to be around crowds in an enclosed area.
There is no demand pipelined for durable goods. It could be six months to a year before new car sales come off the peg. And if there is no demand, why keep auto workers on the job?
How much disposable income has become scared money! The states may re-open, but it may take years for consumers to backfill the financial hole this has caused. Fools don’t realize that every business acts like cells which require a constant supply of oxygen to survive. An economy is a life form that is being killed by hypoxia.

They cannot just ‘switch’ it back on. It’s becoming more and more evident to me that there isn’t a COVID coverup, it’s that COVID is the coverup, the coverup for the collapse of our financial system. COVID shutdown to cover up the financial implosion, to cover up the detonation of derivatives weapons of financial mass destruction, to cover up the extension of the globalist coup. Wheels within wheels.

The FED or The Bank for International Settlements or whoever saw the waves coming said let’s make up this social distancing thing so we can shut down part of the economy and therefore mask the true symptoms of our collapse. Without some kind of disaster, the current amount of money printing would crash the markets, so we have been given fiction to hold our attention. Stop spending. Stop the bank runs. Impossible to buy precious metal.

Then there’s a nice fat bank holiday. And it was the virus that did it. Sure, COVID is lethal, but no more so than flu, and when did the flu ever shut down the entire economy? Their art of deception tricks would even impress David Copperfield. They know if people understood that two bad recessions in a row were directly the result of banks’ greed, they would have a fight on their hands to retain control. When they finally have us all turning on each other and controlled by law and technology to the point where it doesn’t matter what we think or know as a society about these elites, it will be far too late. This is why Glass-Steagall was enacted after the last Depression. Banks not allowed a seat at the Wall Street poker table. Commodities only bought if you were taking physical delivery.

The people never learn. Wall Street learned a long time ago how to become rich by legal embezzlements from Main Street. But Congress, Senators, and Bill Clinton were wise enough to give us the Financial Modernization Act, which wiped out all of Glass-Steagall’s protections to prevent another Depression or worse. If we had a SOUND, DEBT-FREE monetary system, NONE of this would be happening. You can’t PRINT Gold and Silver. They are anchors. Under such an honest system, if you wanted to spend tons and tons of money on wars, infrastructure, or even hammock programs for illegal aliens, the only way to raise such funds would be through direct taxation of the citizenry. You’d have to lay hold of THEIR assets directly… NOT indirectly through insidious inflation. You would have the ultimate check and balance system against waste, fraud, and other criminal activity. With constant public audits, the people would KNOW every time a greasy hand was reaching into THEIR cookie jar. The corruption began when the average clueless idiot started being willing to accept paper promises (currency) in place of hard money (gold and silver coins).

This is a planned, controlled transition to feudalism. All independence and economic power have been surrendered to the central planner. The only way to do this was through a devastating financial crisis. The Fed is a part of a worldwide banking cartel that is already running the World. The Fed is just a tool of enslavement. So what is going on is an expansion of this enslavement both by moving debt on to the taxpayers and implementing harsher means of control over the population.

US Economy Collapse, What Would Happen and How to Prepare
Your Survival Guide to an Economic Collapse
If an economic collapse occurs, it would happen quickly. No one would predict it. The surprise factor is, itself, one of the causes of a collapse. The signs of imminent failure are difficult for most people to see.

Some believe the Federal Reserve, the president, or an international conspiracy are driving the United States toward economic ruin. If that’s the case, the economy could collapse in as little as a week. The economy is run on confidence that debts will be repaid, food and gas will be available when you need it, and that you’ll get paid for this week’s work. If a large enough piece of that stops for even several days, it creates a chain reaction that leads to a rapid collapse.

How to Prepare for an Economic Collapse

Protecting yourself from a collapse is difficult. A catastrophic failure can happen without warning. In most crises, people survive through their knowledge, wits, and by helping each other.

Here are six steps you can take now to prepare for a potential collapse.

Make sure you understand basic economic concepts so you can see warning signs of instability. One of the first signs is a stock market crash. If it’s bad enough, a market crash can cause a recession.
Keep as many assets as liquid as possible so that you can withdraw them within a week.
As for cash, it may not be useful in a total economic collapse because its value might be decimated. Stockpiles of gold bullion may not help because they would be difficult to transport if you needed to move quickly. In a severe collapse, they may not be accepted as currency. But it would be good to have a stash of $20 bills and gold coins, just in case. During many crisis situations, these are commonly accepted as bribes.
In addition to your regular job, make sure you have skills that you’d need in a traditional economy, such as farming, cooking, or repair.

Robert Kiyosaki – Get Your Money Out of the Bank – Prepare for What is Coming!


Watch out you might get what you’re after

Hold tight wait till the party’s over
Hold tight We’re in for nasty weather
There has got to be a way
Burning down the house

Talking Heads – Burning Down the House


“The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

The risk of catastrophe is high during the climax phase of a Fourth Turning. The John Hopkins Covid-19 Dashboard above appears to portray a global catastrophe. We are in the midst of a catastrophe, but it isn’t this Chinese bio-lab virus creating the catastrophe. The catastrophe is once again being created by the Federal Reserve, their Wall Street owners, corrupt politicians, and authoritarian bureaucrats. We are burning down our house with formerly working Americans still inside.

The graphic from John Hopkins is a perfect example of globalist produced propaganda that would make Edward Bernays so proud. There are 7.8 billion people on the planet and the Covid-19 graphic gives the impression 7.5 billion people have it. The entire U.S. is covered in blood red, as if the country is being overwhelmed in disease. Of course that narrative is entirely false.

Let’s put this over-hyped manufactured panic in perspective:

.0300% of the worldwide population has contracted the virus
.0020% of the worldwide population has died from the virus
.2250% of the U.S. population has contracted the virus
.0120% of the U.S. population has died from the virus
The current death rate projection in the U.S. is in the range of 65,000. In 2018 it was reported by the CDC that 82,000 Americans died from the flu. Now that their scary models have proven to be worthless, the medical “experts” are now trying to boost the death figures with no proof people died from the China flu. Since the incompetent boobs at the CDC, who told you not to wear a face-mask in March, but now want everyone to wear a mask, still aren’t close to having a method for testing everyone, we know many more people have been infected by the virus with minimal or no impact.

The death rate from this nasty virus is only marginally higher than the yearly flu. But the fear mongering has served the purposes of bankers, politicians, and corporate CEOs. The real catastrophe has been set in motion by the actions of the ruling class. Wall Street, once again, has used this contrived crisis to pillage and screw over Main Street.


I’ve been documenting the progress of this Fourth Turning since its inception, with the Federal Reserve/Wall Street created global financial implosion in 2008. In late 2017, I wrote an article – The Unbearable Slowness of Fourth Turnings – where I was growing impatient with the seeming ability of the ruling establishment to fend off the inevitable consequences of their reckless traitorous actions taken since 2008. It was clear in late 2017 the ongoing conflict between Trump and the Deep State coup crew would eventually come to a head. I concluded the seeming slowness as we approach the denouement of this once eighty-year crisis was beneficial.

This is no time for apathy and complacency. For those who grasp generational theory and the cycles of history, the seemingly unbearable slowness of this Fourth Turning is actually a blessing. The slowness allows more time to prepare. If you haven’t prepared for the coming saecular winter, time is growing short. The skies are darkening. Our rendezvous with destiny awaits.

That was just over two years ago. I hope the few people who read that article prepared financially, tactically, and mentally with the time we were given, because we’ve now entered the dark days of trials and tribulations. There is no avoiding what is headed our way. The mini-toilet paper panic of March will turn into a full-fledged-riots in the street panic when the Fed’s desperate financial flailings destroy our diseased financial organism and the food shelves in your local Piggly Wiggly are bare. Injecting adrenaline into the veins of a patient on a respirator as their vital organs are shutting down is a treatment guaranteed to fail.

But Doctor Fed only knows one treatment, drown the world in debt, creating a tsunami of liquidity. So, the Wall Street shysters have gotten the lion’s share of the $8 trillion Powell/Mnuchin bailout and are celebrating by pushing markets back towards all-time highs, as 22 million average Americans have been tossed into the gutter and hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been purposely snuffed out by this corporate fascist coup.

The tide of negativity seems to have gone out to sea and the financial wizards of debt are probably smoking cigars and drinking brandy in their penthouse enclaves, but the tsunami of consequences is just growing ever larger and when it hits in the near future, the casualties will be immense. My hope is the willfully ignorant finally realize the true enemy and inflict the necessary punishment on the traitorous men who have sold this country out.


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