Abolish CIA & FISA Angelo Codevilla

How to defend the Republic against the Deep State.

This is the first in The American Mind’s new Rethinking Policy series.

Throughout 2020 we are publishing essays that boldly reframe,
reorder, and reprioritize our political goals in order to directly address
the real challenges of our time. These essays are intended to spur
clear, sharp discussions that rid us of obsolete ideological frameworks
and point towards viable paths forward. Amid today’s realignment, we
must discern and articulate vital principles and national purpose free
of the ideological encumbrances of the past. —Eds.

America’s Intelligence agencies are the deep state’s deepest part, and
the most immediate threat to representative government. They are also
not very good at what they are supposed to be doing. Protecting the
Republic from them requires refocusing them on their proper jobs.
Intelligence officials abuse their positions to discredit opposition to the
Democratic Party, of which they are part. Complicit with the media,
they leverage the public’s mistaken faith in their superior knowledge,
competence, and patriotism to vilify their domestic enemies from
behind secrecy’s shield.


2/13/2020 Abolish CIA & FISA – The American Mind

https://americanmind.org/essays/abolish-the-cia/ 2/30

Pretenses of superior knowledge have always tempted the
Administrative State’s officials to manipulate or override voters.
Hence, as Justice Robert H. Jackson (who served as chief prosecutor
of the Nuremberg trials) warned, they often turn their powers against
whomever they dislike politically, socially, or personally and try to
minimize the public’s access to the bases upon which they act.
But only the Intelligence agencies have the power to do that while
claiming that scrutiny of their pretenses endangers national security.
They have succeeded in restricting information about their misdeeds
by “classifying” them under the Espionage Act of 1921. Thus covered,
they misrepresent their opinions as knowledge and their preferences as
logic. Thus acting as irresponsible arbiters of truth at the highest levels
of American public life, they are the foremost jaws of the ruling class
vise that is squeezing self-rule out of America.
As Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) truly told President Trump, “Let
me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six
ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” As we shall see,
Intelligence officials have proved Schumer correct.
What follows begins with an overview of the threats today’s
intelligence agencies pose to self-government in America.
Next, it touches on U.S. intelligence’s dismal professional record, and
suggests that the measures needed to refocus them on professional
performance would also separate them from domestic politics.

In sum, we find:

CIA is obsolete. Cables show agents’
intelligence takes are inferior to diplomats’.
Agent networks are unprotected by
counterintelligence. FBI success at
counterintelligence ended when the Bureau
was politicized and bureaucratized in the 1970s.
CIA bottlenecks and incompetently controls
strategic intelligence, while the Army and
Marines show demonstrable tactical superiority.
2/13/2020 Abolish CIA & FISA – The American Mind
https://americanmind.org/essays/abolish-the-cia/ 3/30
As a result, CIA is ideologically partisan. Its
strength is in leading or joining domestic
campaigns to inäuence public opinion. FBI has
followed suit.

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