America explodes into food stockpiling PANIC after the malicious media and incompetent government spent the last six weeks condemning people for getting prepared

Friday, March 13, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) America has exploded into a nationwide food stockpiling panic today in the hours after President Trump declared a national emergency in an effort to defeat the coronavirus epidemic now sweeping the country.

We are getting reports from across the country that grocery stores are swamped, even during the late evening hours as people suddenly come to their senses and realize we’ve all been lied to by the government and the media for the last six weeks.

Day after day, week after week, idiotic radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and propagandist media networks like Fox News and CNN mocked and condemned preppers, insisting that no one needed to buy extra food, water, N95 masks or even sanitizers. In doing so, they transformed America into a nation of complacency and disinformation that has now lead to this very moment where people are starting to panic nationwide.

Big Tech helped make sure the American people were wildly unprepared, setting them up for a “panic trap”
Big Tech has been part of this too, banning all the honest, accurate voices from the independent media that have been warning people this entire time to start having extra food and other emergency supplies at the ready. For daring to try to help Americans get prepared, we have been condemned, slandered, smeared and de-platformed while Google made sure the wholly discredited, criminally negligent W.H.O. dominated all search results for the coronavirus, ensuring the continued ignorance of the American people about the severity of this global pandemic.

And that’s the trifecta of criminal negligence and incompetence: Big Government, Big Tech and Big Media all colluding to make sure the American people are ill-prepared as the coronavirus explodes across the nation, practically guaranteeing a far larger number of infections and deaths than would have been necessary if people had simply been allowed to find on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Google (we’ve been banned everywhere, as we are “guilty” of telling the truth on sensitive matters the evil tech giants don’t want people to know).

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