OCTOBER SURPRISE 2020: Democrats Desperately Executing Plan A, B & C

Posted on October 4, 2020 by State of the Nation

“Shock and Awe” Coming to America


The next COVID-19 wave coming this Fall will be a
fabricated series of tsunamis of coronavirus outbreaks,
clusters and explosions engineered all over America
just before Election Day via the planned release of
this meticulously bioengineered virus.
State of the Nation

From the outset of the 2020 election cycle, this October was fated to have the most October Surprises in U.S. history. Actually, the surprises have been occurring all year with the manmade coronavirus pandemic and global psyop being the biggest one ever.
In reality, the American people have been relentlessly conditioned and intensely propagandized to expect a COVID-19 wave this Fall. The whole Plandemic is meant to climax during the weeks prior to November 3.

The perpetrators of OPERATION COVID-19 have used the mainstream media (MSM) quite slyly to brainwash the American audience in what has become the greatest campaign of propaganda and prevarication the world has ever experienced.

For example, look at today’s front page of the BBC, perhaps the most powerful MSM propaganda platform ever created. No one does propaganda and prevarication like the Brits. It’s the fulcrum of imperialism and why the sun still never sets on the British Empire.


Why, pray tell, does a British news outlet allocate so much space to covering political affairs in the USA, especially when it concerns the THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC?!

Almost all of the most outrageous Covid propaganda originates in the United Kingdom as no one does a disinfo, misinfo, false info multi-media campaign like the Tavistock Institute and British Intel Community dynamic duo. In fact, the globalist blokes in London have been running a turnkey fake news operation since their first day of empire building. Particularly where it concerns COVID-19, all those Fleet Street falsifiers, fakers and fabulists know how to do is make stuff up out of thin air.

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